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Gunpowder is set in the year 1605 and chronicles the attempt made by Fawkes and a group of provincial English Catholics to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I, all in an effort to help restore a Catholic to the crown. Among them was Robert Catesby, who was said to be the mastermind behind the operation. The plot was ultimately thwarted by authorities after explosives were spotted near Westminster Palace.

Gunpowder - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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Pinhead Gunpowder is an American punk rock band that formed in East Bay, California, in 1990. The band currently consists of Aaron Cometbus (drums, lyrics), Bill Schneider (bass), Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals) and Jason White (guitar, vocals). The band's name comes from a brand of “high octane” green tea served at the Arcata co-op and discovered by Aaron Cometbus during one of his many dumpster diving adventures.

Gunpowder - Songwriting - Netflix

Aaron Cometbus is the primary writer of Pinhead Gunpowder's songs. During Pinhead Gunpowder's first incarnation, Cometbus and Quittner wrote a handful of songs together, including “In Control”, “Losers of the Year”, “Certain Things”, “Brother”, “I Used To”, “Stab You in the Eye”, and “Cuidado” (The last two songs released by Quittner and Cometbus under the band name “Mundt”). Cometbus often borrows songs recorded by his other bands to release as Pinhead Gunpowder songs, including “Train Station” from Shotwell Coho, “The Great Divide” from Redmond Shooting Stars, “Asheville” from Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, and “On the Ave” and “Landlords” from Astrid Oto. Only three Pinhead Gunpowder songs have been written by Billie Joe Armstrong, under the name “Wilhelm Fink”. Those are “27”, “New Blood”, and “Anniversary Song”.

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