Bring It to the Table - Netflix

In Bring It to the Table, Paul Heyman, JBL, Peter Rosenberg discuss, debate and dissect the controversies and concerns of the WWE Universe.

Bring It to the Table - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-01-02

Bring It to the Table - Booking (clubbing) - Netflix

Booking (Korean: 부킹) is a common practice in South Korean night clubs of forced socialization. Booking is a practice in which waiters bring female patrons, sometimes forcibly, to a table to sit with men. Both parties are free to leave at any time, or depending on mutual interest, they can continue to sit together and drink and talk. Although outwardly similar, to outsiders, these are not hostess clubs, and although the men are expected to tip and pay their waiters to bring women to their table, the women are not employees nor are they prostitutes but fellow clubbers.

Bring It to the Table - Criticism - Netflix

Ahn Hyeong-hwan (안형환), the Grand National Party representative and the member of the parliamentary-level Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications raised the issue of how the English-language Arirang TV presented the concept of booking to viewers, and how it could potentially portray as negative an aspect of Korean contemporary culture.

Bring It to the Table - References - Netflix